Engagement Shoot at Highland Lighthouse Truro - Gregory Hitchcock Photography
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Engagement Shoot at Highland Lighthouse Truro

Beach side engagement shoot of Brittany Lefevre and Brian Kessell

           I was fortunate enough to perform the engagement shoot of Brittany and Brian back in late June of 2018. Since our initial meeting, when we first meet and discussed the possibility of me being their wedding photographer, they communicated to me their love of spending time together outdoors. Both being New England natives we discussed ideas for location for their engagement shoot. We decided on the Highland Lighthouse in Truro, Massachusetts. Located almost all the way to the end of Cap Code, the Highland Lighthouse is a state park which offers views not only of the beautiful historical light house but high bluff top views of the Atlantic Ocean and beach below.

          I tell all my clients that my favorite part of the wedding day is the couples portrait session, and the engagement session as well for the same reason. This is because I love going out to a new location, somewhere meaning full to the couple, setting up some lights, directing the couple into an activity and building amazing images. That process of determining their style, then designing a portrait setup to match is what this profession is all about for me. The day was divided into two segments for us. First, we would shoot in front of and around the light room and then move down to the beach. Anytime we are shooting outside, I try to schedule it either in the morning or late afternoon to avoid harsh, high angle, sun. Regretfully, the couple could not start till 10:30AM so we not only had to work quickly but also count on being some serious lighting power with us to over power that harsh sun.

          Our first set was behind the lighthouse with the bluffs and the sun to our back, I wanted to start with something natural, the couple is walking toward the camera being as romantic as possible. This scene allows us to create some awesome wide-angle shots that showed the lighthouse but also the beautiful grassy area around it. The sun was starting to get high so I needed to direct the couple to keep their chins up just a tad more than usual to keep odd shadows off their faces.

  Next we moved down to the beach. Again, making use of the powerful strobe, so we were not limited by what direction and angle the sun was at. Brian and Brittany were a very ambitious couple, and they did not hesitate at all when I suggested we get into the water. It was a very fun shoot.

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