Engagement Shoot of Katie and Aaron Hoofer - Gregory Hitchcock Photography
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Engagement Shoot of Katie and Aaron Hoofer

          Katie and Aaron Hoofer had their engagement shoot on Saturday November 10th. I was extremely excited because from the very start of our conversations planning this shoot, the couple wanted to have their engagement session at a location out in the city and I love location shoots. Originally, we planned for Boston’s Castle Island, but regretfully was had very poor weather that day. Heavy rain, frigid temperatures, and high winds suggested we shoot elsewhere. We decided on the Harpoon Brewery because of the couple’s mutual love of their beers and the roll they have played in their relationship.

          We started early in the day we had a little time before the Brewery opened and it initially appeared as though the rain would let up, so we wandered around the area. The bride, Katie, has a life long love of fishing boats and we decided to capture a few shots with one. The Brewery is right on the water front and boats are often everywhere. And then it started to downpour.

          Next we moved onto the Brewery and it's guided tour. The waiting area where you first stated, called The Beer Hall, was a very photogenic room with windows facing the water, warm wood everywhere, and beautiful chandeliers. All of this coupled with my beloved 85mm lens made for amazing portraits. I also used a Youngno flash on a stand with a small collapsible flash disc. 

         I tell clients that I believe in activity based posing. Instead of rigidly directly people into how I would like them to stand, sit, place their arms, etc; I give them an activity to do while I shoot. When Beer is involved, this not a difficult task. 

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