Wedding of Brendan & Ellen Douglas - Gregory Hitchcock Photography
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Wedding of Brendan & Ellen Douglas

          Ellen and Brendan Douglas were married on Saturday, November 3rd 2018 at Peirce Farm at Witch Farm in Topsfield Massachusetts. The venue is an amazing location, a former Horse farm about half an hour north of Boston. The location was the perfect selection for an autumn wedding. The weather was wonderful. The trees were at the height of their colors, the windy was brisk rustling all the leaves. The farm house where the party prepared as well as the barn where the ceremony and reception were held were very charming and cozy. I was extremely excited to be a part of their wedding. They share a loved of the outdoors and I knew their wedding would create the opportunity for some captivating images in the New England Landscape. Additionally, the couple has stated since we first met that they have a strong passion for romantic portraits.

          The images I produced on this day was a departure from my normal workflow. I decided that being as the weather was overcast completely, I would start off shooting available light. Normally I am all over the place with my off camera flashes  (OCF). This day I decided to try something different. I shot almost 75% of the day available light, only switching to flash for the reception. I also tried to only as long of lenses as I could. I mainly stuck to my beloved 85mm and 70-200mm lenses. 

          The bride and her bride‚Äôs maids prepare for the day in the manner house itself. The house as built in the nineteenth century and is a trove of architectural treasures. I love incorporating details of the location with my images. Here I used an ornate mantel, serving tray, and amazing grand stair case to frame the detail shots. 

          The gentlemen prepared at a nearby hotel, the Double Tree. That location was well offered opportunities for formal portraits that expressed the dapper character of the groom and groomsmen as well as places to have some fun. I love seeing what different locations offer in terms of props and ideas for portraits. The hotel had large lobby with chairs, couches, books and other items we worked with. The results were a really good time. 

          Although the trees were exploding with color, it was sadly much too cold and windy to have the ceremony outside. Luckily Peirce farm has an amazing re-purposed horse barn that is accommodating and cozy. 

Wedding Planner:

Elizabeth Quill with Elegant Aura Events | | | 774-571-8327

Hair & Makeup Artist:

Swoone Beauty | | 781-267-9871


Jayne Densmore | Nunan's Florist & Greenhouses |


Peirce Farm at Witch Hill |

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