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Gregory Hitchcock

Wedding & Portrait photographer
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        Hello! My name is Gregory Hitchcock. I am a Wedding and Portrait photographer living in the amazing city of Boston. I offer my services all over the great state of Massachusetts. I am now and always have been a camera guy. I have had a camera in my hand for most of my life and it is within the past 10 years that I have come to realize what really drives me as a photographer. I want to create a meaningful impact in other people’s lives through my photography. I do that in as many ways as possible be it at a wedding, a senior portrait session, a family gathering, or any one of a dozen other types of event.

         The style of photography I offer combines natural photojournalism with vibrant artistic design. In other words, when you hire me to capture your special day, I will look for natural, authentic, moments as they happen. However, I will also make myself aware of all the opportunities the day presents for the creation artistically composed, amazing, images as well. I make use of techniques such as dramatic off camera light, location shooting, and well thought out poses with create amazing images. 

          In the ten years I have been capturing weddings, I find that every couple has a unique vision of their most important day. I work with clients to discover and bring alive their distinctive style. When a couple books my services I always schedule at least two meetings, often times more, to discuss their ideas, explain how I work, and ensure we plan for the best possible on their wedding day.

              Wedding Portfolio
              Engagement Portfolio

      Finally, I can also be found online on Facebook. Please contact with me via the social media links below.


My current list of services includes, but is not limited to:

Wedding Photography

Engagement Photography

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Family Portraits

Senior Portraits

Event Photography


Artistic Portraits

Looking for something else? Shoot my an email.


9 Hour Coverage | $2,000

          My most typical  package is the 8 hour, $1,500 event. This package includes a (2) hour engagement shoot at a location of your choice, up to (8) hours coverage on the wedding day, a custom designed bound photo album, and all final images delivered to the client via Dropbox.

Full Day Coverage | $2,500

          If your wedding day contains a number of amazing moments that stretch from early morning till late at night, and you really would love to have coverage of them all, then I would recommend this option. This is one flat fee to coverage the entire wedding day. There is no hourly limit, this is a flat fee. Furthermore this option also includes a (2) hour engagement session,  a custom designed bound photo album, and all final images delivered to the client via Dropbox..

6 Hour Package | $1,500

          This option includes the engagement session and USB drive as well as (5) hours of coverage on the wedding day and all final images delivered to the client via Dropbox.

Continual Discussion with the Couple

          Every couple is different. There is no single perfect way with which I cover a wedding. After a couple books my services, I meet with them several times. This is to ensure I understand their vision of their wedding day as well as to explain to the how I work. Thus I can tailor my coverage to guarantee they receive the images they will love.

Engagement Session

          Every couple who books me for their wedding will receive a complimentary engagement photo session at a location of their choosing. Portable studio lights will be brought to the location for images with an amazing finish. The session can last up to two hours and clients are encouraged to use the resulting images for their “save the date” announcements.

Photojournalism & Artistic Design

As already stated, there is no one way to cover every wedding. When you book me to cover your special day, I will make use of numerous techniques, crafted over the past ten years, to ensure you wedding day is captured in the best manner possible.

          Photojournalism is a very popular style in Wedding Photography today. This genre involves the capture of authentic moments as they occur with as little or no influence from outside factors as is possible. During the entire day I will be ever vigilant and on the look out for authentic, unique, and once in a life time events as they happen and I will use all of my skills and experience to capture them.

           Artistic Design is the complimentary element to Photojournalism. Throughout the entire wedding day, I will make myself aware of all opportunities at my disposal; be they locations, lighting, props, clothing, people, emotions, etc. I will take these elements and at appropriate times, I will design and craft amazing images.Based on the discussions I have had with the couple before hand, I will design images that reflect their tastes and personalities. Thus, I use not one but many different styles of photography as I see fit throughout the wedding day.

Online Posting of Images
          Most of my clients want to share their wedding photography with friends and family alike and to do so as soon as possible. Thus I offer complimentary online posting of all final images on my website. Thus friend and family can view, download, and order prints as soon as the images are completed.

Copyright Release of all images to client

          Put simply, I deliver all final images captured on the wedding via a USB Photo drive. There is no additional charge for prints. After the wedding day, I will take all the images I captured and filter out the finals. Next they will each be corrected for color, exposure, crop, and detail. From there the images are downloaded, in high resolution, to a set of DVD discs and delivered to the client. The client is then free to create prints and do with the images as they see fit. Documentation of copyright release will be provided as well.

Coverage of All Faiths

          I love wedding photography because it allows me to use my camera to create meaning artwork with everyone I shoot. Therefore, I welcome the chance to work with couples of every faith and orientation.

Additional Fees

          As stated above, I have a base fee of $2,000 for full day coverage of a wedding with images supplied on disc. Furthermore, for most weddings I book that fee covers all. However, there are a few circumstances that occasionally come up that require an additional fee. Some of these circumstances include, but are not limited to: permits to shoot in a certain place, if a location requires special equipment, increase liability, or the booking of an assistant. These situations are both rare and unique to each wedding and would will covered completely during the first meeting when the client describes their wedding day.


          A signed contract is necessary for the booking of my services. A copy of it can be downloaded in PDF format by clicking HERE

No Travel Fees inside Massachusetts. 

          I proudly offer my services to free of travel fees if your wedding takes place inside the state of Massachusetts. Anyone else interested in booking me, I encourage you to contact me and inquire about fees to travel elsewhere. I promise the fee is reasonable.

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