About Me

 Hello! My name is Gregory Hitchcock. I am a Wedding and Portrait photographer living in the amazing city of Boston. I offer my services all over the great state of Massachusetts. 

I am now and always have been a camera guy. I have had a camera in my hand for most of my life and it is within the past 16 years that I have come to realize what really drives me as a photographer. I want to create a meaningful impact in other people’s lives through my photography. I do that in as many ways as possible be it at a wedding, a senior portrait session, a family gathering, or any one of a dozen other types of event.

In the sixteen years I have been capturing weddings, I find that every couple is unique and has a vision of their most important day. Therefore when people ask me about my style of photography, I respond that my style is the couple. If you choose to book me I will spend a significant amount of effort getting to know the two of you and the style & flavor of your relationship. I will then tailor my coverage, all my photographic skills and techniques, to match that style. Therefore your coverage will be as unique as your relationship. 

Coverage tailored to you

Many people ask me about my style and what it is and my answer is always: the couple. When two individuals decide to book me for their wedding the first task I have is to understand their unique personalities and the style of their relationship. One important aspect of this profession that I have learned over the sixteen years I have been capturing weddings is that every couple is different. Through discussion, proper questions, and a few image collecting exercise, I will work to comprehend the couple's style as well as there ideas and expectations. I will then use that information to customize my coverage to match those ideas. Therefore, no two weddings are every captured in the same manner.Furthermore, for the purposes of summery, I have two main strategies for capturing wedding day images: Photojournalism & Artistic Design. Please keep in mind that almost very is a wedding purely one strategy or the other. More so it is a blend of more one than the other. That blend is a result of the discussion I have with the couple before the wedding.


Photojournalism is what many people refer to as "candids". Photojournalism is loved because of it's fresh and authentic nature. These are images were are truly in the moment and capture it's essence. When I am operating in my journalist mode, I am drawing on my years of experience to anticipate the numerous amazing moments of the wedding day and they deciding where I shall stand, what lens to have on my camera, and how to frame the shot, all before the moment happens. I most often make use of photojournalism during the preparation, ceremony, and reception parts of the day. Although based on my discussions with the couple, I could use it more or less depending on their ideas.

Artistic Design

Just as it's name implied, this strategy allows for the creation of some truly amazing imagery. The process is that first and couple and I will discussion and ideas before the wedding. I ask the couple to gather examples of romantic couple's portraits which inspire them, then we discuss ideas, themes, and as well as locations and other details of the wedding day. From there I will setup, build, and create amazing images from opportunities the couple gives me. I will take into consideration their style, the locations we are going to on the wedding days, as well as my skills with my camera and lighting to design and capture amazing images that exceed the couple's dreams and expectations. Compared to journalism, I play a much more active role is this type of portraiture.

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Jessica & Matt Sept. 21st 2019

1 / 5

"My now-Husband(!) and I found Gregory on Thumbtack.com. We were immediately impressed with how his images seemed to capture the many feelings of the event without seeming like the subjects were merely moving through a prescribed list of shots, whether posed or not. I really appreciate candid, one-in-a-million shots, and I felt like Gregory managed to capture plenty of those. We both recommend Gregory very highly and will hopefully work with him again should the need arise!"

1 / 5