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Hi there! I'm Gregory Hitchcock, and I've been passionate about photography for as long as I can remember. It all started with my dad handing me my very first camera as we watched the majestic trains thunder past us in suburban Chicago. From that moment on, I've been utterly captivated by exploring innovative ways to capture and share my unique perspective of the world with everyone I meet.

I'm also a bit of an adventurer at heart, always on the hunt for the next exotic and, fingers crossed, spicy culinary delight. I have a soft spot for mystery novels and diving into the world of 3D modeling. Then there's my never-ending quest for that perfect cup of coffee. Best of all, I get to share these thrilling pursuits with my three amazing kids, making each discovery and experience all the more special.

Do you know what this is?

It's my first

Digital Camera Ever!

Circa June 2000

  • 1.3 megapixels
  • 1 hour battery life

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Three kids sitting on a couch having a good time.

Proud Father

Light of my life

I am the proud father of three incredible children, each brimming with energy, curiosity, and spirited antics. They are the heartbeat of my life, bringing me immense joy and, admittedly, my most intense moments of stress.



Bottomless shots of espresso!


Always searching for the perfect cup.

Java has been my more constant companion for quite some time. There is so much to do in this amazing work and apparently so little time. Life is short, stay awake for it!


Spread of tasty Chinese hot pot food.

I love trying new food

Especially if its spicy!

I have a passion for exploring new culinary experiences, especially when they come with a kick of spice. There's something thrilling about the heat that adds depth to every dish. Among my favorites is a fiery plate of Chinese hotpot; it's a delight that I consider not just a weakness, but a true indulgence.



Calvin & Hobbes

My favorite comic of all time!

I think it was reading these golden comics at an early age that gave me such a vivid imagination, a passion for being creative, and a love of story telling.


Born & raised in Chicago

Home brewed in the windy City

I hail from the vibrant city of Chicago, where my childhood was filled with cheering on the White Sox, hopping on the L train, and indulging in that iconic deep dish pizza. I've also had the thrill of standing atop what was once the tallest building in the world.



I am a Kubrick fanatic

It's the simple things in life

I'm a huge admirer of Stanley Kubrick's films. I'm really drawn to the way he arranges visual elements; it's fascinating how he meticulously sets up every single detail exactly as he intends.

During their engagement photo session the couple embraces in front of Fenway Park at night

Adventures taken with Camera in hand...

 Photography might be my first love, and my camera almost feels like an extension of myself, but my life isn't all about capturing weddings. I'm on a continuous adventure, filled with the joy of raising three incredible kids, keeping the romance alive with my wife, and soaking in the vast diversity of the world around us. Our family moments often find us hiking through breathtaking landscapes, cooling off with a swim, indulging in new culinary delights, or simply gazing up at the stars, making memories together in this beautiful journey of life.

Taking a photography on a sunny afternoon in the Boston Public Garden

Back in college we didn't have Instagram...

we had Greg...

Everywhere I go, I'm struck by the beauty that surrounds us. It's in the sheer joy my toddler son shows as he jumps into freshly formed puddles on a rainy day, in the mesmerizing patterns of the clouds during a radiant sunrise, and in the profoundly moving moment a groom first lays eyes on his bride in her wedding dress. I'm passionate about capturing these beautiful moments and sharing them with the world. My camera is my brush, allowing me to craft images that are not only meaningful and authentic but resonate with genuine beauty. Yet, it's crucial to me that my work remains rooted in truth. My photography isn't about creating fiction; it's about showcasing real beauty. By employing various techniques, I aim to enhance this beauty by eliminating distractions, ensuring that what you see is as authentic as it is stunning.

How it all started for me

Throughout my life, I've tired to learn as much as possible. My journey began with aspirations of becoming an architect, fueled by my passion for math, creativity, and the allure of three-dimensional design. Yet, as I navigated the path toward that goal, life took me down several unexpected detours. It was during this journey that I discovered the art of photography, finding in it a powerful tool not only to explore the world around me but also to express my distinctive perspective to others. Despite this fulfilling discovery, I felt there was still something missing.

What I had been yearning for was the genuine connection between people. Observing the pure, raw, and beautiful emotions shared between two individuals has been an extraordinary experience. I came to understand that being a wedding photographer goes beyond merely taking beautiful pictures; it's about capturing those sincere moments of love and connection that are deeply profound.

Ever since I got into wedding photography, my life's taken some pretty unexpected turns. I've gotten to meet and work with some incredible couples. Each pair has their own special story, and getting to capture the start of their adventure together is just awesome.

Capturing meaningful memories of Boston's Passionate couples

Mission statement

Principles   that guide me through the profession of Wedding Photography

The bride rests her head on her new husband's chest just as the wedding ceremony is over.

Understanding your authentic style and personality 

The moment a couple books with me, my priority is to thoroughly grasp their unique style and personality. I firmly believe that photography is not a 'one style fits all' craft. Rest assured, I will not impose portrait ideas that fail to resonate with your true selves. Through thoughtful, guided conversations beforehand, we will craft a photography plan for your wedding that fits you both perfectly.

A balance of authentic moments & Natural portraits  

On your wedding day, I employ a dual-strategy approach. First, I remain ever-vigilant, ready to capture beautiful, spontaneous moments as they unfold, always aiming to seize them in the most breathtaking way possible. Secondly, I'll suggest carefully thought-out portrait ideas that are not only stunning and impactful but also deeply reflective of your authentic style and identity whenever the right moment presents itself.

During a late night rain storm, the bride looks passionately into the eyes of her new husband.
Having just gotten married at Quincy City hall, the couple enjoy a walk through the rain outside.

Guidance & Responsibility

I captured my first wedding two decades ago, and since then, I've documented over five hundred unions. This extensive experience has endowed me with invaluable wisdom and problem-solving skills. As your photographer, I see it as my responsibility to guide you through both the planning stages and the wedding day itself. I am well-equipped to offer advice on locations, scheduling, transportation, and other crucial details. Having witnessed common pitfalls, I can expertly navigate you through any challenges that may arise.

An uninterrupted wedding day, complemented by timeless portraits to cherish forever.

On your wedding day, my foremost goal is to capture breathtaking images, while my secondary aim is to ensure this is done seamlessly, without disrupting the flow or the magic of your experience. Rest assured, I will be unobtrusive, ensuring your special day remains undisturbed and perfect.

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During their summer outdoor wedding, the bride and groom embrace during the ceremony.

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Photographer's daughter
Photographer's son new port portrait
Family Portrait
Selfie when I was out going for a run.
Photographer's son and I having some ice cream
Selfie in the windshield.
Father and son bath time.

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