A winter wedding

I will always remember Amanda and Chris as the couple that asked me "Hey Greg? Could we incorporate eating pizza into our engagement shoot?" this couple was very much in love with the idea of doing an elaborate well thought out and authentic series of portraits for both their engagement as well as their wedding. They're engagement session was at the Arnold arboretum in Cambridge and you can take a look at it here.

Like many waiting days we started at a hotel where everyone was preparing. I started at Amanda's suite where she had her dress all set up and ready for some amazing shots and they were complimented with balloons. I'll always remember those balloons too.

The gentlemen,

Sometimes the gentleman don't want shots of them getting ready but Chris really did. So we got some wonderful shots that I took him out in the snow for some great shots of the entire group. There was a lot of energy here and everyone was really willing to drink some amazing images.

Cape Club of Sharon,

From there we traveled to the to the cape club of Sharon. This is a very large golf course that serves a lot of events including weddings. recently we had a snowfall which had given the venue a very elegant and beautiful picturesque look for the wedding. What are the nice things about having a wedding in winter is that the sun sets a little bit earlier and you don't have to stay out so late to get some nice shots with the sun setting over the landscape. we took full advantage of this for portraits of each side of the bridal party separately.