A snowy day in Hingham.

  On February 18th 2019, I had the privilege to direct the engagement session of Amber Erdman & Taylor Dennis. This couple explained to me that their initial consultation that they had a love of the outdoors as well as the changing of the seasons. They had chosen to book their wedding well in advance, and were waiting for a fresh snow to take their engagement portraits. 

Well on the morning of February 2nd, they received their wish. The greater Boston area received approximately a foot of snow in the early morning hours. Around ten in the morning I received a call from Taylor asking if I was available, and off we went. 

     We chose the location of Word's End Park in Hingham for our shoot for many reasons. First and foremost it's a beautiful park which offer portrait opportunities during every season. Secondly, it was close to both of us. Third, it involves a bit of a hike to get there and it was unlikely to be very crowded, especially during a snow storm.

Amazing views

One of the beautiful aspects of World's End Park is the variety of views it offers. You enter the park with rolling hills and pastureland. But when you get further end you encounter amazing bluffs and beaches.

Down to the beach

Depending on the season and time of day, World's End offers either a tranquil scroll along a peddle covered beach or an engagement view of a chopping bay. An excellent location for a New England Photo session.