Coverage tailored to you

When a couple decides to book me, the first task I have is to understand their unique personality and relationship. Every couple is different. Through discussions and a few image collecting exercises I will work to define the style and expectations of the couple. I will use this information to customize ideas, locations and coverage to fit the style of the couple. Therefore, no two weddings are ever captured in the same manner. Using a blend of photojournalism to capture those once in a lifetime moment and artistically directed shots each couple gets a wholly personalized set of images to reflect their event.


Photojournalism is what many people refer to as "candids". Photojournalism is loved because of its fresh and authentic nature. These are images that are truly in the moment. When I am operating in this mode, I am drawing on my years of experience to anticipate the numerous amazing moments of the wedding day. I use photojournalism throughout the entire event as discussed with the couple. My portfolio of photo journalistic style images can be viewed here.

Artistic Design

In order create amazing imagery I ask the couple to gather examples of romantic portraits which inspire them, then we discuss ideas, themes, locations, and other details of the wedding day. From there I setup, build, and create personalized images taking into consideration their style, the locations we are going to on the wedding day. This style pf photography includes lighting design, pre-selected locations, camera effects, and advanced planning. More samples of this style of imagery can be viewed here.



“My now-Husband(!) and I found Gregory on We were immediately impressed with how his images seemed to capture the many feelings of the event without seeming like the subjects were merely moving through a prescribed list of shots, whether posed or not. I really appreciate candid, one-in-a-million shots, and I felt like Gregory managed to capture plenty of those. We both recommend Gregory very highly and will hopefully work with him again should the need arise!”