A little rain never hurt anyone, right? For this amazing wedding day in Bristol Rhode Island, I was feeling a bit nervous to start with. The wedding was to be an intimate affair in Colt State Park. The park is amazing. It's right on the water and offers grassy field, trails through the woods, vistas of the ocean, as well as a handsome manner house. However, the weather did not seem to want to cooperate. It was pouring raining when I arrived. Thankfully though, when the couple arrived the rain relented. The over cast cast clouds remained though. We what were left was a dreamy and captivating mood for our couple's portrait session that really complimented the couple's Irish heritage. 

 I shot this session almost entirely with my 85mm lens. I love this lens and I it's always in my camera bag. First and foremost it's a true portrait lens, so I can create images of people close, and from afar without any distortion. The long focal lens allows me to capture relatively close images without physically getting too close to my clients. Additionally, it has the ability to easily create an ultra shallow depth of field to separate my subjects from the background, you can see that in almost every image there.