Trying out a new technique.

I recently had the opportunity to try out a technique I heard about at I am a huge fan of their Premium Member service. It contains countless video workshops about numerous aspects of being a professional photographer. I recommend recommend them.

One in particular is a new technique that allowed me to take my images of the dance floor to the next level. This involves shooting the couple during their dance thru various objects around the dance floor.

Starting first with lighting; what I used to do was put a speed light on top of my camera and then aim the head to one side and behind me and bounce flash off and adjacent ceiling or wall. this worked somewhat if I had a low ceiling or wall and it was a light or white color. However it had the negative effect of washing out any sort of existing light that would be in that space along with any character that light was giving.

One of the first things I learned was the use of putting small speedlight flashes up on light stands, and then positioning those light stands in the corners of the dance floor. this allowed me to take the flash off my camera and place my camera anywhere I wanted to and I wouldn't have to worry about being in a certain spot to bounce flash off the walls. So now I no longer had to have my camera near a wall or ceiling to get the light I wanted it. The light was completely detached from my camera. So now what I can do is I can start to play around with forming my compositions not only by where I place the subject but also by shooting through objects in the room to create interesting compositions.

Image from start of first dance

Adding some spice

In this particular event, I was at a reception venue that was a bit small. Additionally there were some elements such as fire alarms, DJ speakers, and lights that I found a bit distracting. Therefore but getting down low, and aiming at the couple thru objects such as table top decorations, candles, and the wedding cake, I could block out these distractions and create some amazing compositions.