A beautiful Jewish Wedding on Boston Harbor  

Anna and Josh opted for a beautiful traditional Jewish wedding at the elegant Boston Marriott Long Wharf, perfectly situated between Boston's North End and the Boston Harbor. Their day began with each of them getting ready in their hotel suites, which boasted stunning views of the harbor and city. Then, they shared a heartfelt first look by the water, followed by a romantic portrait session in Columbus Park. The evening continued back at the hotel, where they signed the ketubah at sunset, exchanged vows under the huppah, and celebrated into the night. It was truly an unforgettable evening.

Morning view of the Boston Marriott Long Wharf hotel, seated directly on the water,
The bride's wedding dress hanging up for all to see.
The bride's shoes and jewelry. Detail shot.
The couple's bridal suite with the dress hung up on the windows over looking Boston Harbor.
Detail shot of the beautiful wedding rings.
Groom's suit coat hung up near the bride's wedding dress.
The groom's shoes.

The bride & Groom get ready for the wedding day.

The bride decided to prepare for her big day by visiting a few boutiques in Boston's charming North End neighborhood. She started with an elegant hair styling session at Phillips Salon, followed by a visit to Sephora for the final makeup touches.

The bride has her hair styled at Phillip's Salon in the north end Boston.
Bride see her new hair style.
The bride enjoys a funny moment while getting ready for her wedding ceremony.
The bride puts on her jewelry before the ceremony
While getting ready for the wedding, the groom straightens his tie
The groom helps a groomsmen with his tie.

Seeing his Bride for the first time at Boston Harbor

The bride and groom chose to share a first look on their special day, selecting the picturesque Columbus Park for this significant moment, with its breathtaking views of the Boston Skyline and serene Boston Harbor. The moment was truly magical, marked by tears of joy. Following this tender exchange, we also took the opportunity to capture beautiful portraits of the entire bridal party in this stunning setting.

The bride and her bridal party head out into Columbus Park where the groom is waiting for the first look
The groom gazes out over the water as he waits to see the bride for the first time.
The groom smiles broadly as he sees his bride to be in her wedding dress for the first time.
With the whole bridal party looking on behind them, the bride and groom share a kiss after seeing each for the first time. First Look.
Dramatic romantic portrait of the bride and groom in front of Boston Harbor at sunset.
The bride and groom share a passionate kiss encouraged by the entire bridal party.

Signing the ketubah in the Midnight Lounge

A pivotal moment in the traditional Jewish ceremony is the signing of the ketubah, a cherished tradition that occurs under the chuppah, nestled between the erusin and nissuin. This sacred act is witnessed by friends or distant relatives, a gesture seen as a great honor, while close relatives traditionally observe from a distance. The couple chose to hold this significant ceremony in the intimate setting of the Midnight Lounge at the Boston Marriott Long Wharf Hotel, enveloped in an atmosphere of love and solemnity.

the bride and groom look on as the Rabbi explains the ketubah
The mother of the groom and the mother of the bride place their signatures on the Ketubah
The bride places her signature on the Ketubah
The groom places his signature on the Ketubah
The signed ketubah, a beautiful colorful document.

An intimate Traditional Jewish Wedding in the Palm Garden Atrium

Anna and Josh exchanged their vows in the stunning Palm Garden Atrium of the Boston Marriott Long Wharf Hotel, a breathtaking space that extends through all the hotel floors, yet maintains an intimate ambiance. Their ceremony was beautifully traditional, taking place under a Chuppah. It included heartfelt vows, sipping from the Yiddish cup, a tender first kiss, and the symbolic breaking of the glass, all enveloped in the atrium's enchanting atmosphere.

The palm tree atrium where the wedding ceremony was held inside the Boston Long Wharf hotel.
The groom is walked down the aisle by his parents.
During the wedding ceremony the groom eagerly awaits the arrival of his bride.
The bride is walked down the isle by her parents.
Traditionally, the bride circles the groom seven times as an acknowledgement of the domain they share as a kind of spiritual container to hold them still
The bride makes the groom laugh during the Jewish Wedding ceremony
cup of wine Kiddush
During the wedding ceremony the groom slides a ring onto the bride's finger.
The best  man and groomsmen watch the ceremony
The maid of honor holds the bride's flowers during the wedding ceremony.
Wide view of the traditional Jewish ceremony inside the Palm Tree Atrium at the Long Wharf Hotel
The bride and groom share their first kiss as man and wife

A Romantic Wedding Reception in the Harbor View Ballroom.

After the Ketubah was signed, vows exchanged, and the couple's kiss sealed their union, we transitioned to a truly breathtaking reception. Set in the Harbor View Ballroom, the scene was set with elegant place settings, captivating lighting, and a mesmerizing view of Boston Harbor. The evening unfolded with heartfelt speeches, warm toasts, exquisite food, and unforgettable dancing.

The wedding reception was held in the dramatic Harbor View Ballroom inside the Boston Long Wharf hotel.
The delicious wedding cake just waiting to be sliced and eaten.
The bride and groom are introduced into their direct dance.
The bride and groom enjoy their first dance as man and wife.
Dramatic kiss between the bride and groom at the end of the first dance.
The bride has a funny moment during her wedding reception
The bride and groom participate in the Hora Dance at their wedding reception.
The mothers enjoy the Hora.
The two fathers enjoy the hora dance.
The bride and groom enjoy a romantic private moment during their wedding reception.

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Bride and groom enjoy a passion kiss on their wedding day.