A Cozy wedding at Witch Hill

Ellen and Brendan decided to celebrate their autumn wedding at the cozy Peirce Farm at Witch Hill, nestled in Topsfield, MA. The bride prepared for her special day in the farm's quaint bridal suite, adorned with cherished family heirlooms that added a personal touch. The charming farmhouse served as a beautiful backdrop for their romantic festivities. Meanwhile, the gentlemen got ready in a nearby hotel, sharing laughs and capturing unique, playful portraits in the lobby. Their ceremony was an intimate gathering in the farm's rustic barn, with the autumn wind and rain outside creating a memorable and snug atmosphere. The celebration carried on into the night with delicious food, drinks, and dancing within the warm embrace of the barn.

The mansion at Peirce Farm on a autumn morning.
The barn at Peirce Farm wedding venue
Water fountain on the grounds of Peirce Farm.

Peirce Farm at Witch Hill is truly a slice of magic, perched on a hill and wrapped in the embrace of trees and a scenic bluff. This setting creates a delightful sense of seclusion and warmth. The bluff provides captivating views of the surrounding pastures and horses, adding to the charm. The Mansion, with its vintage allure, offers plenty of cozy spots for getting ready and soaking in the day. Every corner is steeped in romance, making it a dreamy backdrop for any occasion.

The Bride gets ready.

The bride's wedding dress hanging up for all to see.
Bride's details including shoes, jewelry, and perfume bottle.
Detail shot of the wedding rings and flowers.
Bride gets her makeup done on the wedding day morning.
Bride puts on her jewelry in the bridal suite at Peirce Farm
Bride's grandmother helps her with her finishing touches.
The bride, in her wedding dress, looks at herself in the mirror of her bridal suite at Peirce Farm.

The Groom gets ready.

Formal Portrait of the groom on an autumn wedding day
Groom gets dressed before the wedding.
Groom's details including shoes, tie, watch, and socks.
The groom and his groomsmen pose for a dramatic and serious portrait.
Groomsmen pose for a funny goofy portrait.

An autumn wedding ceremony on the farm

At the start of the wedding ceremony, the groom nervously awaits his bride.
The bride and her father walk down the aisle during the wedding ceremony.
Bride and Groom exchange vows  during the wedding ceremony
Exchanging of rings on the wedding day.
The entire bridal parts cheers the bride and groom on in a kiss.

A romantic portrait session at Pierce Farm

Once the ceremony wrapped up in the barn, we moved on to my favorite part of the day: the romantic portrait session. The bride, groom, and I took a leisurely stroll around Peirce Farm, soaking up all the beautiful spots the venue has to offer. We explored the cozy mansion, admired the sprawling views of the prairie below, and marveled at the vibrant autumn trees. Peirce Farm at Witch Hill is a real gem, offering endless picturesque backdrops for your wedding photos.

The newly married bride and groom pose for a portrait on the grounds of Pierce Farm at Witch Hill
The bride and groom share a laugh on their wedding day.
The bride and groom take scroll for pictures around the grounds of Peirce Farm
A funny laugh between the newly married bride and groom take a stroll around Peirce Farm and share a laugh,.
The bride and groom share a quick kiss on their wedding day at Peirce Farm.
The bride and groom share a laugh on their wedding day.
A compelling portrait of the bride and groom looking at each other.
Romantic Portrait of the bride and groom talking to each other over looking the farmland at Witch Hill.

A Wedding Reception in the Barn at Pierce Farm

The bride and groom are announced to their wedding reception
The first  dance as man and wife at their wedding reception.
The bride and groom look into each other's eyes during their first dance.
Everyone looks at the maid of honor as your  her speech
Maid of honor gives her speech to bride and groom
Best man gives his speech during the wedding reception.
The bride and groom cut their wedding cake in the barn at Peirce Farm.
The bride and her father enjoy a dance together.
The groom shares a dance with his mother during the wedding reception.
The dance floor has officially opened and the bride and groom bust a move!
Everyone is on the dance floor!

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